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My name is Jamz. I like to write on occasion, but I hope this page will help me practice and expand.

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The first prompt I've written about.

Prompt #1: Unlikely Friendships

July 25, 2019


I never thought of myself as social and friendly. My eyes are dark and bland, my voice is monotone and brash, I tend to blame my features for the lack of relationships I have.

However, that's not why I don't have any friends. It's my mindset.

Let me take you back to the scene of my last summer job. I worked behind the counter of an ice cream shop. I survived the day only because of one person, Riley. Riley is a round and freckle faced girl. A short stack that carries around an unworldly amount of ego.

Her mocha eyes and smile consistently gives me gratitude. She's the best person to spend the day with. Warm and loving, she always invites me into the conversation.

I have no idea why she chooses to talk to me. The first time we met was during orientation. I remember lingering to the back when she came up to ask me, "Isn't it absolutely disgusting that the manager wore socks with sandals today?"

From there, she had me instantly hooked. The manager has the worst fashion sense in the entire world and I finally had someone I could share my opinion with. Absolutely. Phenomenal.

We would go on to cause discord in the shop as often as we could. Despite her cute face and short stature, she is troublemaker, through and through. It's especially easy for her to get away with lying. Especially when it comes to our manager. He just eats up her humor and charisma, he doesn't even care if she's lying or not.

When it comes to me, I can't get out of eyesight without someone thinking bad of me. That's been the case since childhood. I'm tall enough to put my high school basketball team to shame. I never thought of myself as an outwardly person. Generally, I think of myself as an outcast. Nobody talks to me, so I just listen to music and draw my hoodie shut. Nobody thinks I'm friendly thanks to my RBF. I can thank my ancestors for that.

I don't bother in making friends. It seems like my intimidation factor drives everyone away anyway. 

However, Riley tells me that I'm interesting. I've never been the recipient of compliments, but when she says them, she means then. I think she's the reason why I feel like I should give people more of a chance. She goes out of her way to meet new people and network, I believe she's going far. I want to make sure I follow her along the way.


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