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I met the Queen and had tea with her after I defeated a dragon with my trusty katanas. Then I accidentally spilled hot tea in some noble’s face, so I was banished from England. If I return, I'll be executed on spot.

My Pet Bird

July 24, 2019


    Pigeons bob their heads, searching for food. A fry falls whenever mom isn’t looking.
    “Mom?” I ask. 
    “Yes, dear?”
    “Can I get a bird?”
    “Birds are filthy, dear.”
    I want to argue “They’re not!” But she’s right… How does one even clean up bird crap? I don’t want to know. “Can I get a bird cage?”
    “Honey, no birds.”
    “I just want the cage.”
    She glances at me, then checks my temperature. “Alright…”

    Later, I lie in bed, imagining a birdsong from the nearby cage. The door hangs open. Inside lies a paper crane with poorly drawn eyes. 


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