Angelica Macfarlane

United States

“Start writing, no matter what. The water does not flow until the faucet is turned on.”
— Louis L’Amour


July 24, 2019

PROMPT: On Courage

She looked
in silence as the crowds of people looked down at their hands.

She listened in silence as they talked about their new apps, new pictures, new cases, new phones, new lives that were seemingly were becoming a drain to their very existence.

She watched in silence as her own family started to sit days on end hypnotized as they stared endlessly at their luminescent screens.

She shrunk in silence when instead of coming home and being able to talk about her problems, the only thing that seemed the most important to everyone else was liking the next Instagram post or achieving the most magnificent selfie.

She existed in silence eyes wide mouth pressed. She couldn’t take it anymore!The weight was to much on her shoulders! Pressing down until she felt like nothing but a mere speck.

So she jumped up fast fists clenched teeth bared.

“I CANT DO THIS ANYMORE!” She shouted nostrils flared.

Passerby's stopped and stared brows furrowed. They probably  thought she was crazy! Ha! Compared to everyone else it would seem she was.

“I mean all you do is sit on couches, eyes wide as you hide! No one swims or acts on a limb! Don’t you all HATE it?! HATE how we live! HATE what you’ve become! Our voices are becoming lost to the darkness! Why do we have this crushing apathy!? Like oil and water. Why no harmony!?”

She paused and looked around at the scared and mesmerized faces around her as she breathed hard trying to catch her breath.

“Why? Why can’t we climb the trees, play with the bees, be at ease!? WHY ARE WE CURSED WITH THIS SILENCE!”

All of them stared at her still with their terrified expressions as they clutched their phones. They didn’t want to listen to her. She was wrong! She had to be wrong!

Then doing what all humans did out of fear they attacked.  Hands, feet, faces, elbows, arms, they all enveloped her like a great title wave.

She was drowning, silent screams not able to be heard. Then finally the agony faded and she was silent once and for all of eternity. 
Sorry if it was a bit long but if you read it I think everyone can relate on some level. This writing is supposed to depict our society today concerning phones and what if might be like in the near future. It’s also supposed to let readers see how the girl in the story had to find enough courage to “diverge from the norm” Even if in doing so gets her destroyed in the end.


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