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Elfboy - After That Last Cliffhanger

July 25, 2019


Do you guys remember that cliffhanger I left you on a while ago when I stopped posting Elfboy? Do any of you ever wonder what happened afterward? I wouldn't blame you if you don't care anymore, but I would like to apologize. It wasn't supposed to be this long before you found out.

I'm not going to give the whole story away here, but I thought I'd publish a last bit of Elfboy before going on with the book.

You might remember where I left off, but for anybody who doesn't, it was chapter 25, in Benny's Pizza shop. El had just knocked his mother unconscious and opened the portal to the elf world. Chris has to go through first for the portal to open completely and if El doesn't keep it open, Chris will be destroyed.

Link to the first part in case you're just joining the story now :) ELFBOY! Chapters 1 - 3
And now, to begin! 

    Then it happened. The portal started to close.
         I began to feel that I was being crushed. I tried to run forward, but my feet had become stuck. The weight increased quickly. I almost fell down.
         For a second, the weight was gone. I raced forward towards the end. I was nearly there, almost through. I dove towards the night sky ahead.
         My head hit something hard. Everything turned to icy, spinning blackness.

         The first thing I saw when I woke was El’s face, gray and haggard. His eyes were glassy and his sunken cheeks bore a fevered flush.
         “I’m sorry I didn’t make it,” I mumbled, my mouth dry and throat burning.
         “But you did make it.” El smiled weakly in relief. “Now you have to rest and get better. Go to sleep.”
         A slight soothing chill came over me and I fell into a dreamless calm.
         The next time I woke, I found myself yelling in pain, burning all over, and a stabbing pain in my head. My vision was badly blurred, but I could faintly see El running towards me.
         I vaguely felt him take hold of my wrist. The flames left my body briefly, only to return in greater heat.
         “Hold on a little longer, Chris.” El sounded desperate. “Help should come soon. Just hold on. You have to hold on.” I could hear tears lining his voice.
         The blackness came again.
         “It’s my fault.” I heard El saying.  He sounded sick, almost delirious. “I shouldn’t have let him do it. I knew I couldn’t keep the portal open in the first place, then she attacked—”
         The fire and pain were gone, but everything was still black. I couldn’t move and felt numb all over.
         “He knew the risk he was taking,” said another, a tired sounding voice that I knew at once must belong to El’s father.
         “But they all—Joe, Chris, Snyder, even Aunt Sally, and Julie—they all did so much to help get me here. I can’t do anything to help them.”
         “You nearly killed yourself trying to save this one.”
         “It hasn’t done any good,” El retorted sourly.
         “We’ll see in a bit if it has.”
         Before anything else was said, I lapsed back into unconsciousness.
         A cold, wrinkled hand grasped my wrist lightly.
         I opened my eyes to see a silver-haired Elf in blue robes. He wore a gold crown made to look like twisting leaves. His eyes were brown, so bright that I could hardly look at them, like El’s, but much deeper.
         King Trindor smiled, his wrinkled, pale face shining with a faint inner light.
         “You have my thanks,” he said, even those few words taking great effort. Then, bowing his head lightly, he stood slowly and walked out of the room.
         I stared after him for a bit, then looked around the room. It was dark, made of a gray stone, and sparsely furnished. One window let in several small shafts of light through the wooden shutters.
         I stretched and sat up, leaning back against the pillow almost immediately as the room started to spin.
         Hardly any time at all passed before the door swung open and El ran in.
         “Feeling better?” he asked with a smile.
         “Yes, I a—You just ran! How?”
         Agony flashed across his face. He sat on the end of the bed, swinging both legs back and forth.
         “As I neared the end of the portal, my leg was caught and… untwisted.” He stared at his feet. “I’m sorry.”
         “For what?”
         “The portal, of course! After you went in, she attacked me and I almost let it collapse on you. If Joe and Mr. Snyder—I guess I should call them Jodath and Syldar, uncle too—if they hadn’t been there, you’d be dead.”
         “Where are they now?”
         “Still there. As soon as you were through, Joe gave me a shove and the portal closed behind me.”
         “But your mom—she’ll kill them.”
         He hung his head. “What an idiot I am! I should have run the sword through her the moment I came in through the kitchen. And I ended up bringing it here by accident.”
         “We have to go back. We can’t leave them there with her. Besides, I was supposed to go back right after coming.”
         “I’m sorry, Chris. We’re not going back. I’m never opening another portal if I can help it.” His tone made me forget my argument.
         “I’m stuck here then? Joe said I could go back…”
         “It took me a week to revive you after getting through. Do you really want to risk dying again?” He would never have admitted it, but I knew he was afraid to try opening the portal again.
         “Then I’ll have to find somebody else to do it,” I sighed.
         “You can’t. I’m the only one strong enough.” His tone didn’t brag.
         “Are you trying to tell me that you’re seriously the most powerful elf in an entire world of them?”
         “Unfortunately, yes. There aren’t many elves anymore. Father said that after that witch tried to kill him, goblins took over the castle and killed most of the elves there. He was too weak to stop them.
         “Since then, they’ve ransacked the villages and killed any elves they could.” He stared at the wall. “I’m going to try and take back the castle.”
         “I’ll help you.”
         “No, you won’t. I’m leaving tomorrow and you’re not even able to leave the bed yet.”
         “So you’re going to tell me that there’s absolutely no way for me to get home unless you open a portal, and then you’re going to go get killed by goblins? No, thank you. I’m coming.”
         “How? I just said, you can’t even walk and I’m leaving tomorrow.”
         “Well, then who is going with you?”
         “Nobody. I’m going alone.”
         “No, you are not. If you get killed, I’ll never get home.”
         “Tough luck. My father’s dying and he wants me to be king before he does. I need to get rid of the goblins in the castle first. There’s nobody else who can go anyhow.”
         “You mentioned soldiers before.”
         “They’re not really soldiers. Just a group of hunters who protect the villages. They can’t come or else the goblins will attack.”
         I sighed. “Just promise not to get killed until after I get home.”
         He laughed. “We’ll see.”


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  • Quille

    Thanks so much for reading! :DDD I think publishing is going okay, not published yet, but probably in two weeks :) I'm super happy to see you again!!!! :DDD

    6 months ago
  • RNE

    This is sooo good. I would have read it earlier but I was so super busy! How’s the book publishing going? Has it published yet? I’m really happy to read a piece of yours after so long!
    Wishing you the best,

    6 months ago
  • Jae

    quille oh.my.gosh, i can't believe it! i'm so excited to see(or hear, i guess) from you again! i love this so so so so much! hope your doing good, and everything is working out for you, we desperately miss you and it's good hearing from you again!

    6 months ago
  • Quille

    Hi, SeaOfWords!!!!!!!!!! It's so awesome to see you again!!
    I'm ecstatic! :D

    6 months ago
  • SeaOfWords

    Yes! We're all super excited!

    6 months ago
  • SeaOfWords

    Hi Quille! :)))

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    Hello again! :)

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