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September 11, 2019



my teeth feel like nails hammered into a freshly painted wall; white dripping, my tongue stuck to the roof, boarded-up windows, and my neighbor saying goodbye.
my dentist says i put up with too much pain; this tall, dark, stocky man with his competent fingers and twenty seven years of peering into tired mouths. he says i think too much and say too little, but there is only so much i can say with my mouth harboring a fugitive; gums, cookie cutters and a sweet tooth.
oh so well, the sun is beating down this little clinic, an exhausted a.c. and the trio of nurses who smile only till their lips, i wonder, wonder, wonder; do they get free dental checkups?
to love is to feed, and so we stay starving, me and my incomprehensible teeth.
i was trying to be more descriptive with my prose, could you tell lmao


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  • K.R.M

    Very interesting.

    10 days ago
  • Anha

    i can tell! this is breathtaking, no pun intended.

    11 days ago