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Caitlin Kemker

United States

Take a Look in the Mirror

April 18, 2016

PROMPT: Flashlight

In a world where hair is straightened, 
braided, curled, dyed, and sprayed,
In a world with faces painted,
skin is colored every day,
In a world where mirrors hang,
in every room just the same,
cover, hide, and disguise,
don't forget to hide the shame.

In a world where weights are lifted,
not for sport, and not for health,
In a world with diets taken,
not just by the overweight,
In a world where the thin get thinner,
starve themselves to see their ribs,
jog, no run, ignore the hunger,
is this the right way to lose weight?

In a world where clothes somehow,
manage to get even smaller,
In a world where the young,
must show it all to the world,
In a world where it's degrading,
not to be that kind of girl,
Smaller, tighter, shorter, sheer,
Show it all but not the fear,
of what will happen if you don't,
show what you're supposed to show.

In this world, we say we want to change,
but be yourself is still just a phrase,
If human nature doesn't change,
I think we'll always be this vain.


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