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Jay Pangarkar

United Arab Emirates

Message to Readers

Hi Guys,
Hope you like my piece of writing and enjoy!

My Hobbies

April 11, 2016

PROMPT: Open Prompt

As a kid I always used to play Video Games like Fifa 16, Clash of Clans, and I still play them, even though now I am 11 years old. I love Video Games as it sometimes requires strategy and really make you focus and train your mind with strategy and patience. I love Minecraft too as it tests your imagination as you can make whatever you want as many people like to play around with items. It's really fun and I love to play it with my family and friends. As technology developed over years, I bought a Kinect with my Xbox. It really gives you a workout as you can play a variety of games including Kinect Sports, Kinect Joy Ride and even Fifa 16. I think that these games have really modernised the world and really takes games to the next level. Even though many people say that Videogames are a waste of time and spoils your eyes, I think it's worth it as it improves your life. But, if you spend more than 8 hours a week on Video Games, I think that will definitely spoil your eyes and will lead toserious eye issues.
    Besides Video Games, I also like other things like Swimming. I have been swimming since I was 4 years old. I love it as it keeps everyone fit. I have been swimming competitively for the last 3 years. I take it very seriously and do not joke around when doing so. But, when I go snorkelling on holidays I try to have fun and joke around, as I don't get to do that when I swim for exercising. I won several gold medals and a few silver and bronze in swimming. But, I won't pursue swimming as a career as I only do it to keep fit.
Going on to my next hobby golf, I have been playing that  since I was 2 years old. I used to play with plastic clubs but now I play with steel clubs. I play in Jumeirah Golf Estates and my handicap is 21. Golf is a very difficult game as it tests your skills like hand-eye coordination, and also requires your head to be cool and not get furious when your ball goes into the water. If you didn't know, Golf is a game where you have to get a ball into the hole in minimum shots possible. There are different types of holes that are stated a par 3 a par 4 and a par 5. A par 3 is normally 100-250 yard;. A par 4 is generally 350-450 yards and finally, a par 5 is 500-700 yards. I can hit my driver 230+ yards. A driver is a club that hits the most distance. Pro's hit the ball over 300 yards as they are taller and stronger. I love to watch many pros like Rory Mcilroy, Jordan Spieth and Jason Day.


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