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I've always been inspired by animation. It's strange really, but that's why I write!
The biggest challenge is to convey that in words.

Remember to write what you love! Peace!

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I'm gonna miss Write The World so much :(((

"Write until the ink spills from your eyes like tears."

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Things about me:
Massive G H I B L I fannnnn
Otaku (somewhat)
Likes photography
Is part of the school band
Art enthusiast
Weird. Weird. Weird.
Though, I'm human.
Writer all throughout

#escapril (07) - Dusk

July 26, 2019


Dusk is the time of twilight:
As the sun sets past the clouds,
So does our warmth,
Its space, instead, overwhelmed
By cold winds and darkness,
Nothing before felt by the heart.

Dusk is the time of twilight:
The moon listens to our silent wails,
Our pain and sorrow,
The cold and the hollow consumed
By us, dying, yet fighting,
These times march on.

Dusk is the time of twilight:
At the peak of emptiness,
These thoughts give birth to contemplations,
Often of longing, of times gone
Even the distant future,
Beyond the horizon and the mystery.

Dusk is the time of twilight:
Before the light dawns on you,
A period of silence must prevail,
The darkness coexists solely,
On the basis of goodwill,
Preparing us for the next light.



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