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Or Is It Love?

April 9, 2016


When you're unaccountable and apathetic,
But my one word to describe you is "perfect",
Is it delusion,
Or is it love?

When I trust you before you give me any reason to,
And give you half my heart though you reserve yours,
Is it stupidity, 
Or is it love?

When I ignore you though I love you to death,
Because I know you need the time alone,
Is it distress,
Or is it love?

When no song can denote the emotions I feel,
Along rusty photo frames and tears of mascara,
Is it depression,
Or is it love?

When I hate how I loved and regret what I wrote,
Moreover, hate how I still love and can never let go,
Is it brokenness,
Or is it love?


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