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April 10, 2016

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I feel old. 17 feels old. Every birthday before just felt like another year, but now, I feel really grown up. Because 17 is the age seniors are, and senior year means college is soon. I mean, going into high school was a big transition but it didn't feel like I was growing up, it felt like something new. But college... feels like you're finally becoming an adult. Along with senior year comes learning to drive, getting a car, getting jobs, volunteering, moving forward with our lives. It's a lot to take in for a teenager! I've never been as stressed as I've been this year than any other. Because this year? It's time to grow up.

This year, my classes have taken over my sleep. As the classes get harder in the year, I only get lazier. After school, I have track. A couple hours of practice, I come home, and I'm ready to pass out. But no! I gotta shower, do homework, quickly eat dinner, then continue homework. Some of my friends have jobs too! Other than high school work, we also have to start prepping for college, what major do I want to go into, what college do I want to go, in-state or out, what do you want to be. I DON"T KNOW. It's scary thinking about the future... I try to put off thinking about it for as long as I can, but the future's coming, and no one can avoid it. 

It's also scary learning to drive and getting out there in the world. My first job interview was nerve wracking too. Everything is scary, but learning to embrace the fear and going for it is the tough part. Once you do, it's smooth sailing from there.

As we get older, we all want to hold on to the past, the fun times and the good memories; I would never leave the high school years if I could. But I try to live in the now, not the past, and spend the time loving now and try not to stress about all the tough things in life. Dwelling on the past, present, and future isn't using time wisely. So, maybe I'll try to enjoy this year of being 17... 


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