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Do you remember your first kiss?

And shes never been kissed

July 22, 2019


As it rained, each small little raindrop rolled down the unleveled dirt path to gather into a huge puddle attempting to become a miniature pond. The sound of rain hitting the ground was soothing in a way I couldn't explain, just as the smell calmed my nerves. To put it simply, I loved the rain.
I sat underneath one of the large oak trees that surrounded one of the town's few hidden trails. I came here frequently enough to know that no one ever comes here, and if they do, it's conveniently never when I'm here. Which is constantly.
Sighing, I lay my head back against the trunk, allowing the rain to soak into my skin. 
 Startled by my unexpected visitor, my eyes flew open and I jumped up. My papers would've flies everywhere, but were too wet.
Standing in front of me was a boy. He was around my age, perhaps eighteen at most. He had dark olive skin and thick black hair that swept toward the side. Then there were his eyes. A deep, dark green with small slits of brown. 
I heard myself gasp.
Smirking, the boy squat down next to me and held out his hand.
"Hey, I'm Lucas."
After several seconds of staring, I dropped my gaze down to his outfit, ignoring the fact how cute his dimples were when he smiled.
He wore dark blue jeans, a grey hoodie, with a red and black flannel over top, with black and white high top vans. 
Cheeks burning, I realized I was still staring.
"Margaret-Marie," I said, shooting my hand out.
Instead of shaking my hand, Lucas grasped it tightly and pulled me up.
"Is that your first and last name?" he asked, running a hand through his hair.
"No." I could feel my cheeks redeem even more. "It's my first name. I mean it's technically two names joined together with a hyphen in between, therefore made into one. Kind of like last names, just with my first. It's actually my mother's first name and my Mom's first name. The reason is because both are family names and they could decide which to pick-"
I was rambling. Just as I always did when I was nervous. Quickly, I found a way to stop.
"-so yeah."
Even if it was an awful to finish.
Most guys I talked to would zone out or interrupt my ramble, either way they always found a way to leave. Only, Lucas didn't say anything.
Instead he stood there watching, hands in his pockets, head tilted down, yet his eyes stayed on me.
Shaking, I balled my hands into fist, and looked around. That's when I remembered it was raining.
Squatting down, I tried to shuffle all my papers together.
"Let me help," he said, bending down. "Margaret-Marie."
Something about the way he said my name sent butterflies in my stomach.
After several minutes of gathering my papers, and an occasional hand brush, we stood back up.
"Thank you," I smiled, hugging the paper to my chest.
Then it happened.
He kissed me.
I had nothing to compare the kiss to, cause even though I was seventeen years old, he was my first kiss. At first I thought I was doing it wrong, but when I tried to pull away he leaned in closer, and moved his hands to cup my face.
Ever since I was a little girl, I had a fascination for puzzles and how things got together. But even with ten years of studying and completing over thousands of puzzles and jigsaws, I couldn't explain how perfectly his body fit with mine.
Suddenly, I realized I couldn't breath. As if knowing my thoughts, Lucas broke away merely a centimeter before kissing me again. I barely got a breath in.
Then I heard it.
Breaking away, I took a step back and into the tree.
"Pay up, he kissed her," A voice snickered from a distance.
"Told you he'd do the dare," another voice said.
"But she's a nerd."
I could feel the tears build up, as I stood staring at my papers. I dropped them when he kissed me.
Slowly, I met his gaze.
Lucas was staring at me, his dark green eyes sparkling as he ran a hand through his hair.
"Was that a joke?" I choked out, attempting to hold the tears back. Unsure what to do, I swept my dark brown hair to the side, and started braiding it.
"That's never happened to me before," Lucas mumbled, dropping his gaze.
"That's not normal!" Lucas suddenly shouted, cheeks beginning to turn red.
Shaking, I tried to take another step back but the tree stopped me.
"I'm sorry," he breathed, putting his hands in his pockets. "I've just never kissed a girl like that before. It was...different."
Freezing, I scanned the trees looking for the owners of the voices.
"Was it.. was I….bad?" I could feel the tears begin to fall as I focused back to him.
"No, it was just…" he seemed to be searching for the words only to of me up empty. "I don't know. Different. What about you? What did you think?"
Something about the way his eyes poured into mine made me answer, tell him something I've lied about, something I've never told anyone.
"I've never been kissed."


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