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April 8, 2016

PROMPT: [Insert Age]

Life is full of restrictions that slowly disappear as you age.
At fifteen you're allowed to get a driver's permit.
At sixteen you're allowed to drive and get a job.
At seventeen you're allowed to go see R-rated movies.
At eighteen you're allowed to enter the world as an adult.

Kind of a big step isn't it? Going from seventeen to eighteen? Why did the world decide that in the one year between being seventeen and eighteen you can learn enough to be able to handle going out into the world alone? Some people in this world are mature enough to handle adult decisions long before the clock strikes on their eighteenth birthday while others aren't until they're forced to.

I've always gotten along better with adults then people my own age and called an "old soul" but when I was eleven I was wishing to be nineteen and somewhere far away from where I was at the time and I'm sure when I'm thirty I'll be wishing for those years back but right now I don't regret wishing away my years. As a teenager, my hometown felt like a room that just kept getting smaller and smaller with each breath I took and everyday it feels like I'm that much closer to running out of air. The older generations laugh and point their fingers at us like either we're ruined or we're overreacting but I have a question for them; am I broken if the thought of waking up and going to school makes me numb? Or the kids that have breakdowns in the bathrooms are ruining society? Society has ruined us and it's only going to get worse. I fear for the upcoming generations.

People tell me that I'm too young to think about the things that fill my mind but they never offer me any solutions other than to simply stop thinking about it. There lies the problem: I can't. It's reason that so many of the kids at my school are in a constant state of numbness, either from prescription drugs or the ones procured in coded text messages or from distractions within our own heads. Please don't misunderstand me when I say a constant state of numbness. We can laugh and joke and cry but if anything serious comes up we all dive for our phones as a distraction, the same reason that relationships don't tend to last anymore and everyone ignores the counselors offers to talk. Kids are dying because they don't see another way out of the agony that our world has turned into. Our world is the reason that dystopian movies and novels are popular now because everyone is begging for a way to escape, just like me and probably like the person sitting next to you on the train.

My reflection of seventeen is that it is the same as fifteen and sixteen and probably eighteen. Everything is constantly changing but remaining the same and will stay that way until something changes things for good.


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