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The Summer Romance That Never Was

July 22, 2019


Fingers curling around yours. 
We're together.

Me and you, 
you and me. 
Like all the perfect summer romance movies.
The smiles, ice cream, laughter, and beach montage of us happy.

Happy was a goal before, 
A reward for my hard work. 
But when we're together it comes so naturally. 

Just out of grasp, hands wave in the air, failing to reach yours. 
We're just too far apart. 

You and you,
me and me.
Like all the perfect summer romances, as summer draws its end,
So do we.
The smiles turned to tired disinterest, you aren't hungry and I have other plans.
The beach montage is over. 
Not sad, not happy,

No angry, but we know that what lasted has drawn to a close. 

Happy has stayed with us, but we've bunched it up in our pockets and taken it with us,
our own ways.

Thank you,
See you next summer.


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