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Thank you guys so much for understanding that sometimes I have to put family and school before fun :(

#Home Contest (EXTENDED)

August 22, 2019


So I realized I would be pretty busy in the next couple of weeks and I don't want to have to keep you waiting on the results but I also wanted to extend the date a little longer because I won't be able to post the results for a while. I think I may post results around the end of September/beginning of October but it may be earlier. Things come up some times and I'm really sorry but I didn't want to just leave you guys hanging. Thank you for understanding. 
The "DUE BY" date is now September 20 :) 
Word ammount: Endless
Genre: Perferably narrative/poem
Title: ___(your title) #Home
Due By: September 20th 
IMPORTANT: You can upload more than one entree for this contest, if you have different homes then go ahead!!

Song Inspiration: North - Sleeping at Last . . .  

Some things to consider: 

Where is your home? (figuratively, literally, both) 

What stories at your home are special to you? 

What are traditions you have at your home? 

How have you grown as a person through your home? 

If you've ever moved what was it like? (Figuratively, literally, both)

How do relationships vary in your family?

How can you change those relationships for the better? 

What sort of things are on your walls (Figuratively- EX: hope, literally - EX: measurements of hight) 

What is your heritage? Does that have any impact on your home?

How is your home important to you and how can you preserve it?

What is your favorite room in that home?

Is there an object (perhaps with a story) that makes your home even more specieal? 

Maybe its not just one home but a few, you don't have to choose, the word limit is endless. 

Homes don't have to mean houses. If your house is your home, feel free to use that, but I also encourage you to think of a home away from home, what place gives you comfort, hardships and love? 

I don't know If I'm gonna put an example piece for this one... 

1st place: follow, 10 shoutouts, 10 reviews, 30 likes
2nd place: follow, 10 shoutouts, 5 reviews, 25 likes
3rd place: follow, 10 shoutouts, 5 reviews, 20 likes 
4th place: follow, 5 shoutouts, 3 reviews, 15 likes
5th place: follow, 5 shoutouts, 3 reviews, 10 likes 
Honorable Mention (figurative language, emotional, shows more than whats on the surface) follow, 10 shoutouts, 10 reviews, 30 likes 

Enjoy and Good luck!!!


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1 Comment
  • Quille

    Sounds great! I think I have an idea for an entry already.... :)

    5 months ago