Abigail Kremer

United States

The Littler Green Monster

April 8, 2016

PROMPT: Open Prompt

    So let me tell you about a story.  A story of what once was.  There once was pride and joy and love in everything and everyone.  But then this little green monster showed up.  It burrowed into my people’s soul.  They didn’t seem to notice this little bug, instead simply carried on with the side effects.
    On the bottles of prescription drugs, or on doctors papers, they come with a list that tells you of the side effects.  Increased depression, suicide, maybe bleeding or lacerations.  But this didn’t come with the little green monster.  That, I think, was the problem.  Everyone got this disease.  
    Humans thought nothing of it.  So this monster progressed.  It’s side effects increasing, festering in people's broken minds.  It grew tenfold until everyone possessed this little green monster within them.
    It spread through the people.  It spread through their stomachs first, it made them develop a hunger.  It was a never ending hunger that boiled up from within them and didn’t leave until satisfied.  It craved power.  It craved money, gold, it sought out to make its host the best of the world.  
    No one can be the best.  No one should have more than another.  We are equals.
    Then it spread to their hearts. It played with people’s emotions.  It flared up their anger when their hunger was left waiting too long. It invoked their tears when their hunger was deprived of what it craved.  It changed people.  
No one noticed, no one cared.  It gradually became part of life.  Some mothers and fathers may have tried to teach their children to fight the green beast, but in the end the beast will prevail.  Always.
    People gave it names.  Greed they called it.  Jealousy some suggested.  They accepted it as part of themselves, rather than an alien disease that needed to be destroyed.  It was at this point that the beast spread itself into their souls.
Everyone embraced this little green beast, and feed its hunger, rather than feed their fellow humans.  The beast had a plan past ruling human civilization.  It sought to rule the world.
    Using people it sought to destroy planet Earth.  Fossil fuels it were what it used.  It gobbled up the forest.  It used these fossil fuels to melt the ice caps.  It used countless animal skins to rid the world of more life.  It sought to envelope everything the Earth was.  It sought out all life, all power.  It thirsted death.  
    And the people followed the evil monsters requests without any regard for the rest of the world.
    And now they’re headed for their own destruction.
    As hard as some may try to stop it, the little green beast continues to destroy everything.  And there’s nothing they can do about it.
    In the near future, when this beast has devoured earth and all that remains it will float about the known universe seeking the next planet that hosts easy prey.  Lord knows it will be find an easier target than human beings.


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