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The Places We Can Go

By: Angelica Macfarlane

PROMPT: Micro Memoir

 The comforting smells of ink and sawdust filled my nose as I skimmed the page. Today, I was on the tallest building and yesterday I was in the middle of the vast ocean. To me there was never a dull moment. Then as I read I heard distinctive sounds of footsteps as they echoed against their quiet surroundings.

“Why do you waste away here?” 

I glaced up eyebrow raised as I met eyes with a small girl who stood head tilted to her side. She had strawberry blonde hair and freckles that were carelessly sprinkled across her tiny nose.

“What do you mean?” I ask shutting my book feeling it between my fingers.

 “Well whenever I come here it’s so boring. People just sit quietly and read for hours!  When I get older I want to travel the world not be cooped up in some small little library!”

 I chuckled and beckoned her closer. “Who says I don’t travel the world?”

She looked at me curiously again waiting for me to explain. I smiled and reached over to my right pulling out a small leather bound book. Then I handed it to her.

“Every day I get to go somewhere new. France, Italy, big cities, small towns, you name it. Books are a place where people can escape. It’s a way people can learn about culture and history.”

 I tapped the book in her tiny hands. “Books are vessels for imagination. Try it and you might just fall in love.”


Peer Review

"The comforting smells of ink and sawdust" and "I tapped the book with her tiny hands". It's details like this that wrap me up into a story.

Who is the girl? She seems to know the narrator somehow.

Reviewer Comments

I left satisfied, just as I should have. Good job, and keep writing!