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red ribbons and spider webs

July 18, 2019



an endless ocean of molten
gold, burning my body from
the outside-in, a gouged mind
pulling and pushing, a tug of 
war game with the guilt-ridden
king midas, drowning in the 
riches of his loss, struck by the
realization that his life and love
destroyed by the hands of his 
own, connected to wrists and 
arms, shoulders and a skeleton
built as all others of his kind, 
but a path paved from cracked,
ancient bricks, further stained 
by gunpowder and touched with
the blood of lives tied by powers
far beyond their control, stories
built, just to be struck by a
quick end, with the snipping of
their all too short ribbon by
the scissors of the fates, an eye
shared between three spiders
weaving the fate of human
destiny, predestined to forever
fall into a pit of bottomless,


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  • July 18, 2019 - 9:20pm (Now Viewing)

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1 Comment
  • Anha

    this! is! incredible! seriously, i can't believe what you've managed to create is so exquisitely poignant. i love my mythological and fairytale allusions, so the mention of midas and the fates really grabbed my attention. the title is artsy as hell and i love it to pieces (is it weird i imagine a spider chrysanthemum when i see those words? one in the brightest red hue), it definitely prepares the reader for an engaging and spectacular read. love your work!

    2 months ago