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Makenna Sterns

United States

A Year in Alcatraz

April 8, 2016

PROMPT: Open Prompt

  See,  I was tried in court for the murder of my wife. My mother in law framed me. Which has made me old and bitter at the age of 25. I have now been framed twice, by the same woman named Loretta Stevens. She has sent me to a boat that will send me to Alcatraz,  where I have been proved guilty. Serving 25 to life. Luckily we have no children runnin' around our front yard,  or had I should say.  Me and Angelica,  my late wife,  we had some grapples in the whole fertility department,  and I have anger issues. That isn't the kind of stress to bring a wee one into,  not in my opinion at least. 
    Angelica always was a fiesty one. She'd been throwin' things at me since the day we first met. After all who wouldn't want a little challenge in their life,  that's the way I always looked at it. Now being on this flippin' boat gettin' sick as a dog is not worth savin' my mother-in-laws butt. After all only the good die young, right? Its not so much the prison thought that scares me as much as the whole pshyco mother-in-law thing. THAT scares me. Well,  time to get off the boat. 
  The trash here is wretched,  of course its more polite to call people humans instead of trash,  but who ever said I was polite?  Most everyone here seems to like basketball. I'm more of a soccer person myself playing for ten years and all. I can't wait to get out of this place. I have a hearing next month to prove that Loretta did it and not me. She put the knife in MY stomach trying to convince everyone it was murder and suicide. HA!  Me commit suicide. Shes funny. I won't even kill a fly,  yes a grown man with anger issues wouldn't even hurt a fly. Messed up right,  if I do say so myself. I'd rather be a violent angry than a softie that just yells. 

  Three Gruesome Months Later... 

  Life here isn't so bad. I still want out more than anything but it isn't the worst. We get an hour outside each day and its extremely hard to bond with these guys who have actually killed twelve people,  Like this guy Al, Hes one scary dude. No one will even talk to him. Most of the guys here confide in each other,  not me,  I confide in my wife to help me through this,  I loved her more than anything. I would do anything to get her back. Just one last glimpse at her beautiful hazel eyes... 
   Three Lonely Months Later... 
Well,  the hearing failed AGAIN for the third time,  I'm ready to just forget about everything ive worked so hard for,  everything that the Lord has guided me through. Now its time for me to guide myself through this. I will testify against Loretta and I will win. Who would believe that crazy old broad anyways?  I didn't even trust her to make the thanksgiving turkey...  But then again maybe that's why I'm in prison right now...  YES word just came through that I'm going to testify against Loretta in two months!  YES!! 
            Two months later... 
"Do you swear to tell the truth,  the whole-truth,  and nothing but the truth? " I could hear that for three years straight and it would never get old! Every time I hear it I feel like its a few words closer to being outside of this miserable place. In the end I have one more month left and I am going to be free. Nothing is going to prepare me to get out. The courts analyzed the fingerprints left on the knife more carefully and ran more diagnostics on it and the fingerprint was hers. Also, the people who were searching through my house found a positive pregnancy test. I was going to be a dad...  After three years of infertility and she gets pregnant then murdered by her own mother...  Looks like she had the worse life after all. 
           One Month Later... 
    Everything makes sense now. It was all Gods plan. Every mistake I have ever made has been forgiven. I'm free...  Goodbye Alcatraz,  my place of peace and finding out who I truly am. 


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