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My life is a mix of reading, procrastination, writing, more procrastination, and sometimes; occasionally, schoolwork. I love to write and I started writing because it helped me when I was upset. Wow; that sounds cliche, but oh well - it's true!

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I hope right now you are smiling. If you're not, go write! It will help, I promise. If you can't write, then read. Read anything. If you can't read, then just smile and laugh. Even if it feels fake, it will begin to feel real. Life is too short to be unhappy!

Darkness Vs. Light

April 7, 2016


0 is emptiness, hollowness, and darkness. Unknown sadness for unknown reasons.
1 begins with light. A soft, unidentified joy forms. 
2 is comfortable. Happiness, love, and light seem to be normal for them.
3 their friendship really takes shape. They believe in each other. Have faith.
4 they are best friends. Their life changes forever. They love each other. They are friends.
5 The amount of joy they feel is unable to be understood by others. They both feel the happiest they have ever been in their lives.
6 She walks in. She has a glow around her, a sort of radiance. But it is not beauty and love that she radiates. It is evil. 
7 The two of you, the two friends start to split up. Nothing will ever be the same again. It is the evil's fault.
8 Your friend, your soulmate, she hates you. She never wants to see you or hear from you again. Happiness? It is a thing of the past. She walks away arm in arm with evil into the sunset.
9 Emptiness, hollowness, and darkness. Sadness. You will never forget her. Not until the day you die.


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