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April 12, 2016

PROMPT: Everyday Magic

    Sweet sounds surround me. I can hear everything; a simple beat of a pair of wings, a laugh almost a mile away, a thought no one would want to ever say aloud. When other people found out about my hearing, it wasn't long before I was dragged away to an unknown government building where I meet other people like me. Another girl who could talk her way into and out of anything. A younger boy who had a sense of smell so great that he could tell what you were feeling almost before you knew you were, well, feeling that feeling. The other boy who was older had the best sight and the most beautiful eyes that he had to keep covered. All of us had to keep our powers covered. The other girl was forced to wear a gag all of the time and the other younger boy always had to wear nose plugs. Myself, I had to wear earplugs that blocked out all sounds.

    When I first met the group, I had them write out their name, age, and a little bit about them because they had already implemented me wearing my earplugs. The younger two seemed to be fine with me being the way I am, but it wasn't until I saw the boy with the blindfold on till I knew something wrong with me. We tried to communicate but nothing was understood between the two of us. At night is when everything would change. I would see the boy but in different shades of green, blue, or even brown for eye colours. I was told by the younger boy that he would dream of me; trying to figure out what I look like. He goes on about how he wants to put the other boy out of his misery and describe me to him. Every time he tries, the other boy makes him shut up. 

    There was only once that I saw him before they pulled my plug. The men and women of the building that was holding me decided that we were no longer useful to them and that we were to be put down. Each of us was given a final day to be together before they took us into the rooms where we would die. The younger boy asked to see his parents one last time. He reasoned that it was that he wanted to die with their scent in his system one last time. The girl asked to have one more moment with her friend before she died. He held her friend and whispered the final goodbye she could never have said aloud. The older boy and I asked for the same thing. To spend the last few hours together; not blindfolded or with earplugs in. The people decided it could only happen if we were supervised the entire time. We agreed, and I was taken by a female worker to get dressed. It was the first time that I got to even look like a girl since coming here. 

    The boy got to the room first. He had his back to me at first, but then he slowly turned around. His eyes were a kaleidoscope of colours. They shifted so much that I was mesmerized and didn't hear what he said.
    "For a girl with sonic hearing;' you would think that you would have heard me." He smirks a little and I melt.
    "You are not what I pictured. You are even better that what I could have ever thought of." I say stepping towards him. As I got closer; I could hear his heart beat picking up but I could not hear any of his thoughts.
    "You are more beautiful than what I expected. A star on earth." He puts his hand on my cheek, holding it tenderly. I put my hand over his and bring him closer to me.
    "I wish I could have heard you sooner." We had about and inch between us and he had a good six inches on me.
    "I wish I could have seen you sooner. What is your name?" He asked as I rose up to meet him.
    "Mara, what is your name?" I asked as he leaned down to me.
    "Ezekiel." He kisses me and then we hear the multiple shots of a gun; to return the fallen stars to the skies. The wolf, The Siren, and the King and Queen all return to their rightful spots in the night sky.....


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