Kaitlyn Hanson

United States

I am 16 years old from Louisiana. I want to learn to write better and I want to celebrate the art of writing. We can change the world through our words


July 17, 2019


I am not a casual person 
Not in love, in friendships, family
the feelings I have are so strong it hurts
I trust people with my entire soul
I love people with my entire heart
I am not a casual person 

My friends remind me of who I am and what I'm capable of, they show me true happiness cause with them everything hurts less, the rest of the world is blurry and I can leave my pain behind, it's like they numb my body but sharpen my mind, 
they are the good parts

My family remind me of my past and my growth, they show me the word for what it is and not what I want it to be, this is the part of my world were everything is as-is and I feel the pain of heartbreak and hopelessness and fear, they guide in ways I'll never know, 
they are the good parts

My heroes remind me of what being human is, the good and the bad, getting back up because nothing can keep me down, doing what's right even if it means making tough calls, helping people, all people, because no is to be left behind, that love is strength, not weakness, that my choices are what make me who I am, and that we all get to decide who we are, its not how far you fall that defines you, but what you do about it
they are the good parts 

My love reminds me of rom coms, and dramatic love stories that everyone says is just a story, but for me it's different, I'm loyal to a fault because why would I want to be with anyone else when I have someone as beautiful as you? Someone who sees me for what I am and accepts that and is amazed by it, why would I want someone else when I have someone to share all the things we have in common? Love is about sharing and learning and new things and growing together and growing apart, its about choosing someone's whole self because they make life better in the easiest ways 
This is the best part of love

These are the good parts of not being casual
Everything is so much more intense and whole 
it's like if the entire world was black and white 
and I was the only one seeing in color
it's like if, for everyone else, music was just sound, but for me
music is Beethoven's symphonies
Why would I want to experience life any other way?
I'm weird and beautiful and intense and anything but casual 


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