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Message to Readers

This is the prologue for my novel titled 'Operation Unravel'. I know it's short, but I'd like to know if you'd want to continue reading or not. Thanks!

Operation Unravel: Prolouge

March 14, 2015



“This is so stupid! These people have no better way to spend their time, other than hurting people?” Zoelle asks. I can hear the thickness of her voice, choking on unshed tears.

    I tear the piece of paper off the wall and crumble it into a ball. “Zoe, this is all just bull crap, it means absolutely nothing.”

    “Aaah, I’m number nine!” Riley shrieks. “I made it into League A!”

    Kamryn rolls her eyes.

    “I see you’ve made League C,” Amber points out.

    “And? None of this matters, these people don’t know me.”

    Amber grunts.

    “Girls,” I say, “most of us have been best friends since second grade. None of this is going to change that. Popularity is a drug, get hooked on it and it’ll ruin you.”



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