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She'll Be Fine

July 16, 2019

Never knew where she could go
Eyes led astray and I know
Leaning out, towards the dusk
Lie no boundaries she can trust 
But I smile, close my eyes, she'll be fine
I take a breath and fall in lakes
Through my eyes she suffocates
Forests rise, burn to stone
Prophecies written in gold
She can wander but the fate will bring her home

(Pre chorus)
And as she's stuck in her room unsure which way to fly
A tiny tears in her eyes and then it starts to fly
And with the pull of an arm rises a jagged knife
And hope she hears my sigh

Pictures and decades full of memories
Don't run away now 'cause it is not too late
Someday you'll understand you're case, your hate
But for now just hear my calls

And as I whisper her mind flies
Trails of ghost lights realign
Maybe one, maybe two, then a thousand turn to blue
But then shadows, they crowd around her room
Just take a breath don't hesitate
Pick up the phone, don't break away
Many love you, many try
Don't lose tempos from one dive
Rise in heights, you'll find you're youth
You're bulletproof


I know you're falling, falling
And you're losing you're glow
Calling, calling
But you don't have your control
Balling, balling
As the diamond crunch on
But I swear that she'll be fine




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