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Ikari: Chapter One

July 16, 2019


It had rained all day on the Gunma Plain, so much so that small lakes had formed on the grass. A person may be tempted to splash in them. Though in the Modoka School, there was no time for such folly. There was an important mission to be done. It was time to revive someone long dead.
Jin Madoka, the school’s head stood near an altar, clay covering his elderly hands. A younger student, Akira Kaiba, stood near the door, boredom having taking over his weak mind. Kaiba had no clue what the master was making, or why he was making it over such an odd frame. This wasn’t some pot you gave to a family member you don’t like, this was something much higher in quality. And soon, Kaiba was shown what was made.

A clay replica of a human.

“Whatcha think?” Master Madoka asked, proud of himself, “I still got it!”

“I....didn’t even know you had it to be honest, Master.” Kaiba said, “But what’s it for? Training? I’m not sure clay is good for swords.”

Madoka shook his hand, picking up an urn. “No....this is for something more important...Nippon is in danger. I can sense it in my old bones.” 

And as soon as he said that, he threw the urn need the altar, breaking it. A blue smoke rose from the rubble, connecting with the clay. And then, the clay changed color. Starting from the bare feet of a man, then the legs, luckily covered by some red pants. Next come the robe of the man, as well as the color to his hands and head, and finally, his short brown hair.

“W-Who is that?” Kaiba stuttered out after a sold minute of not speaking, “Why....why is he alive.”

“That, my boy, is Ikari.” Madoka smiled at the newly alive man, who looking over at Madoka from the mention of his name, “He is a hero of our school, and we have been entrusted with his soul....which caused this.”

Ikari looked around the room, and scratched his head. 

“Ah, so he’s like a golem...” Kaiba smirked, “I can make him do what I want!”

“Uh, no, he has a journey to...”

Kaiba ran to the base of the altar, and looked at Ikari, “He looks like he can carry things....Ikari!”
Ikari ignored Kaiba, favoring to jump off the altar to walk around, slowly at first, then getting used to it again. Kaiba growled a bit, rubbing the hilt of his sword, “I said Ikari! I’m gonna give you-“ 
Ikari walked over to a sword on the wall, and pointed at it, looking at Madoka.

“Oh! Sure, you can use one of them it’s fine.” Madoka said, nodding. Ikari took the sword, putting it on his belt. Kaiba was now furious.

“You think you can just....ignore me?! I am the son of the local lord!” He yelled as he pulled out his sword, running to Ikari. As he got close, he swung his sword, only for it to be deflected by Ikari’s own in an instant. 

“What?” Kaiba stuttered a bit, “You...you blocked me? No....no one has ever....”

Ikari took the boys slight depressive state to his advantage, and disarmed the young man with  slice of the hand. He then walked away from the screaming Kaiba, walking to his creator. He pointed to the broken urn.

“Please take no offense, I wouldn’t resort to such a desperate measure for no reason....” Madoka said, “Well uh...go outside and see what I mean.”

Ikari went out the door, and out to the now clear skies of the plain. Though Ikari wasn’t pleased to see the sun. 

He sensed evil in the entire country, evil that he had to stop. 

Waving goodbye to Madoka, he ran off to explore this new world, one he hadn’t seen in ages.


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