Abigail Kremer

United States

You Can't Replicate A Miracle

April 7, 2016


There’s this pretty little peach tree
And it’s growing near a bay
And it blooms all the time
In night, in day

And I say,
“This is a normal peach tree
“Standing by the bay,”
At least until I saw it when winter came.

There stood the peach tree
By a frozen bay
Still blooming and bearing fruit
And it tastes just the same!

And then an epiphany hit me,
This was such an extraordinary production
This blooming peach tree in ice and snow
Could double food consumption!

So I call up the science department
And ask them to investigate
I tell them my extraordinary tale
And they scoff at the tree by the bay

“Not possible!” they say
“Not all night, all day
“Not all winter
“All summer, nay!”

They do come to investigate
And in their spite they faced
Gawking at this tiny peach tree
Standing by the bay

After their shock they start to shout
“A miracle, breakthrough, Hooray!”
And with their tweezers and test tubes and knives
They investigate the tree by the bay

“Nope,” they say,
“The tests are all the same.”
And they ponder this until they say
“It’s simply not the tree by the bay.”

They came back with wood chippers and saws
They say, “We can make a replicate”
And I say, “No, no don’t do this!
“You’ll kill the tree by the bay!”

But they did it anyway, and what a shame
It’s frozen petals slowly chipped away
It’s iced bark ripped and thrown out
The ripped up the tree by the bay

Oh my, such a shame
It was something they couldn’t replicate
Science destroyed the tree by the bay
And the tree unable to live its fate.


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