Abigail Kremer

United States

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I really don't like the title, because it's really basic, any ideas for any other title are welcomed. any other advice or feedback in this piece are also welcome

I'll Be Waiting

April 7, 2016


Find me waiting
Near the edge
Where night meets day
And waves relapse

And on the edge
I watch the black and purple
The sea that wrestles with itself
Catching certain people

Not the ones who pass of old age
Not the ones lost from disease
Not the ones killed other other’s accord
But for those who say they can’t live anymore

The waves collapse
Then wrestle each other
They yell out at me
Then call to me

As I dangle my legs off the edge
As I look down at the waves.
As the wrestle and yell for me to jump
I smile at them and wave

I know that I can walk away
I know I can leave instead of waiting
I know I can get up and walk away from the edge
And I would be able to walk away from it all

But I don’t
I don’t because, where are the other’s?
I don’t because I am waiting for the people
Who wish to meet the end

Now, I don’t stop everyone
Some run right past me without stopping
And leap into the abyss with cold laughter
I think those people may be a little too far gone

The ones who can be saved walk up to me
We talk, we sit on the edge together
Eventually they leave and offer me their hand
I politely decline, because there are others in need

Some people jump anyway
They thank me in their final moments
I know sitting on the edge is what I must do
Even if it’s hard

Sometimes the waves seem somewhat closer
Sometimes I feel myself sliding off the edge
But on those days someone will walk up to me
And sit on the edge and talk.


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