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tie a rope (revised)

July 16, 2019



father up above, in a tower
so high, (please) tell me as
i suffer, hands clasped together
words flowing from cracked 
lips, a mist surrounding me in
a barrier of false protection
(lord above,) why am i one
of the fallen, broken angels
hand in hand with the likes
of lucifer, dancing around 
a throne of melted bones and
shattered, glass memories
(thorns braided and wrapped
around my calloused feet,
guiding me in this ballroom
dance with the devil, an
impish grin as he leads me
further down the path of the
broken, bloody, and beaten)
my soul slips as it flows
effortlessly to join the other
battered and bludgeoned souls
wills shackled, skeleton fingers
accesorized anklets to fit as
portable jail cells, showing all
(lover, where have you gone)
the mistakes that you’ve made
(lover, make me whole again
let me feel your perfect frame,
your puzzle piece body fitting
to mine, protecting me from
ice cold harm, sharp claws
meant to tear apart at the seams)
as my soul as joined with the
dozens of others, a broken
cacophany of cries for their
missing, lonely halves: mothers
fathers, sons and daughters, 
bring me poison from the water,
and add another to the slaughter
(add another to the slaughter)

add another to the slaughter


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