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Something Blue

By: outwalkingthelights

PROMPT: Flashlight

I live a lazy,
Blue, sun-hazy

I swim in biting,
Blue, smiling,

I climb sublime,
Blue, mine,

I see my wild,
Blue, mild,
Best friend.

I watch my beautiful,
Blue, plentiful,

Peer Review

I'd say this has a reflective tone and is not really a critique. It's an interesting idea because you leave the "kind" of blue up to interpretation. Is it blue as in sadness, or blue as in peace and quiet?

I think the pattern and rhyme scheme in this poem is beautiful. The topic seems to be your life, maybe focused on the summertime. I think it just makes a really nice picture in the reader's mind and it was actually pretty relaxing to read.

I'm left feeling blue, of course, but more of a "cool" and relaxed blue rather than a down in the dumps blue. I liked it because I did feel like I was seeing all of these images through a blue hue.

Reviewer Comments

This is a cool poem! I didn't feel like it was really commentary on anything, but it doesn't have to be if you don't want it to. I like the observational tone as well.

Thanks for writing! :)