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Moon Metaphors

July 15, 2019

PROMPT: Lunar Phrases

In our smog-ridden suburbia
The moon is a pale-faced, sickly child
With a slate-like pallor, timid and shy,
Fitful and restless,
And prone to hiding, anxious and unheard,
Behind forests of tall, thin buildings.
A man has cast away the blanket
Of a fearful, choking childhood
As we flee the dazzle
Of many thousand insignificances.
He grows full-bodied and radiant,
Nourished by the unblemished plains below.
He carries many years of experience,
Observation and advice,
And the tranquillity of one who has learned
Not to interfere, but to guide gently,
To lead by example,
A glowing beacon above the seas in flux.
This piece likens the moon to a person in various phases of his life. I don’t think this is a new metaphor, but I wanted to use it in a new way. I tried to use this metaphor to emphasise different qualities I have noticed about the moon and respect about it in different locations. I have used the three stanzas to describe what I think are the moon’s traits in the city, out in the country (places where I have hiked), and over the ocean. I hope this is interesting and fresh!


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