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Hello, this is my first piece of writing...especially poetry. So I would be very appreciative of any feedback c: thank you.

Survival of the Brightest.

April 7, 2016

PROMPT: Flashlight

Young minds,
Bright suns, 
Melting ice creams -
The cause of sticky thumbs. 
The world is sparkling,
The world is new,
There is nothing we feel like
We couldn't do. 
Fireman, policemen,
Actors and princesses,
Crayons and paints -
Hiding intelligence in messes.
And then the world changed,
We began to notice more, 
The world was never as bright 
As it seemed before. 
Work and goals and revision 
And tests, 
Even parents were becoming 
More stressed. 
You had to have a dream,
You really had to KNOW,
All of those childhood dreams -
They had to be let go. 
The sun is no longer 
Simply the cause of sticky thumbs,
We see it now as a cause of cancer,
We lose our fathers, siblings, mums.
Our intelligence is no longer hidden,
In beautiful, beautiful mess,
It is now being abused and judged on,
By teachers and society and tests. 
Your body is no longer acceptable, 
You cannot speak your mind,
Just do what others tell you to 
And someday you'll be fine. 
Yet someday you'll have children, 
Their thumbs sticky with ice cream,
You'll see the sun is shining again,
You'll remember you had dreams. 
And someday your child, your beautiful child,
Will come home tired and upset, 
Saying they aren't good enough,
Saying they've failed their tests. 
You will say this.

Your future is brighter than society's expectations. 
Your dreams - never lose sight. 
Baby, there is a darkness in this world 
You have to stand and fight. 

Be your own flashlight 
And shine amongst the broken. 
One of us has to. 


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