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Zoe G.

United States

dreaming of fishes and wishes

Her Dragon

April 6, 2016

Only after shaking a package of oatmeal into a bowl, preparing it, and shoveling it down, after dressing in a sweatshirt and jeans, just like yesterday, after slogging through a mile of slush and ice on the walk to school, after unpacking binders and gum wrappers and notebooks into a sterile lockers, after conjugating forgotten French verbs in homeroom, after trudging through classes, after redoing a ponytail in the bathroom, deeming it no better, and deciding to wear it down, after talking about classes with friends and wondering if there's more to the universe than this, after trudging through more classes, after being driven home in Amie's mom's car and listening to the pop station on the radio, after waving goodbye to Amie and her mom, after throwing schoolwork on the couch and popping earbuds in, after munching a granola bar, and after starting homework, did Sofia realize she had forgotten to lock the dragon in her room last night. 


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