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all essential components of your origin story.
You, forged for greatness. Go!
- Lin Manuel Miranda

Heeaaaahh, Phuuuuhh - A Narrative in Numbers

July 13, 2019


0 - Rock bottom. Lying on the bathroom floor, wondering what led you here.
1 - Brushing a tear off your cheek, you lean your head against the wall and silently curse as your head bumps against it, hard. You feel bad. Really bad. An emotional hangover. 
2 - Your Dad walks in. Asks you what is wrong. 
3 - You scream, telling him to get out. He doesn't move for a few seconds, looking at you the whole time.
4 - He leaves. You bury your face in your hands. 
5 - Sniffle. Sniffle again.
6 - Stand up like a big kid. Look into the mirror. Wash your face with the bar soap lying on the counter and dry your skin with the towel.
7 - Try, and fail, to rub away the redness on your cheeks. The hollow places under your eyes. You look like a mess.
8 - Breathe in, breathe out. Heeaaaahh, phuuuuhh. The air whistles on your dry lips.
9 - Straighten your shoulders and walk out of the bathroom into the lit hallway, putting on your mask and acting like everything is fine. A role you have played your whole life. 


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  • she_writes

    @The Bubbling Pen - Thank you so much! I appreciate your comment!

    almost 2 years ago
  • the bubbling pen

    your piece is so raw - even though the reader doesn't get to experience the emotions from the persona's point of view, every step is like another breath in and out, another step through life and another step moving on. Amazing work xx

    almost 2 years ago