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Self taught freelancer. probably 17.
“Why . . . would a penguin be in a piss pot?
"Wait, seriously, what's a piss pot?”
― Pat Shand, Destiny, NY, Volume One: Who I Used to Be
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Message to Readers

I decided to put more meaning into the world at rest's lore.

The Solar's Fall

July 11, 2019


"And the sun rained down its light like tears from the eyes of a mourning widow."
"Even the darkest of shadows wept when the sword met Daryk's wings. Yet celentria still did not open."
"The time of angels did not come. And the solar fell to the world at rest, his holy mission failed."
"And as the elves grew from his bloody feathers deep in the marshes of Jurindel, the broken titan crawled his way into hiding."
"Thus began the age of devils."


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