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To See, To Change, To Fight

April 6, 2016

PROMPT: All Talk

Alex, I haven't seen you in so long. 
I know. 
How've you been? Did that job pan out? Get any good professors this year?
You didn't answer my other questions. 
Fine, I've been fine. My job's fine. 

Did you make any new friends here? Will I be able to meet them?
Gosh, I dunno, Heather.
I would love to see what you've been up to in that massive city of a school. 
Sure, I can give you a tour sometime. 
... You already did a year ago, remember?
Right. I forgot. 
Are you all right? What's going on? 
I'm fine, I already told you. 
You don't seem fine. 
I told you, I'm fine!
Little brother. 
I told you not to call me that. 
I don't care how tall you are, you're still my little brother. What's wrong? 
We're in a restaurant, sis. Everyone can hear. 
No they can't. It's busy enough. Chatter's a good cover for whatever intrigue you're about to disclose. Want another coke? 
I'm fine. 
Will you stop saying that? Just get down to it. Don't roll your eyes at me. 
Now you sound like Mom. And now you're doing it. 
Spill, already!
You're gonna think I sound nuts. 
I already think that. 
Fair enough. 

I can see the future. 
What??? What on earth? This is so... How on earth could you know that?
I have these dreams... 
What kind of dreams?
People dying. 
I know.
Have any of them happened?
Do I want to know?
probably not. 
I don't know. But I know they're real. They feel different somehow.
From what? Reality? Dreaming? 
Both. You know those weird dreams you're always telling me about?
Nemo and the mummy video game or the quest to kill the witch-serpent? 
That one with your hand. Like, when you looked down...
And it was all faded out at the edges? Sure. 
They don't feel like that. I'm totally lucid. And then I start seeing these things on the news...
What? Did I get lettuce in my teeth?
Ketchup on my nose? 
Seriously, bro, don't do that to me. You're not analyzing me like some explosive mineral under a glass just to be annoying?
I'm not eight anymore, sis. It's just... You believe me. 
Don't be so smug yet. It's called a willing suspension of disbelief, and it is absolutely crucial for a budding novelist. 
Your first book didn't go over so well.
I was twelve and you are now officially stalling. How long have you been able to do this prediction voodoo?
A year. 
And you only think of telling me now? Seriously, Alex? Why now? Come on, look at me and tell me why.
Describe what's happening. 
Outside of this window, what do you see right now? Describe it like you're painting a scene for one of your books. Start with the sky.
Um... ok.
The sky looks... musty. It's glowing sepia. It looks like the sun through an old, dusty window in some ancient church. There are puddles of leftover rain reflecting the gold, and
That's enough.
Enough for what? Holy crap! Bro, where are your eyes?
Nothing's wrong, I'm just looking. One moment.

You done yet?
Whew. Don't do that to me without warning. Pale eyes do not replace those adorable baby browns, so don't get contacts or anything. 
Ew. Wait, what am I thinking? We have to leave. 
What? Why? Good gracious, you're freaking me out. 
I was looking into the future, Heather. I just totally messed things up, I shouldn't have tried to change what I saw.
I coulda told you that. That's what my whole book is based on, remember? 
I had to, though. And now no matter what I do, it turns out the same. Apparently they're determined to keep things that way. They're afraid of something. 
Someone. Oh gosh no.

I saw you die.


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