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Quiet Whispers

April 6, 2016

PROMPT: Everyday Magic

    In the woods is where it all began. We started walking on a path that seemed like it was made just for us. It was perfect, we weaved in and out of the trees. Every time the rain fell onto the leaves, the trees gave out a sigh of relief, as if they had never got enough to drink. The wind whispered in our ears when we walked saying, "Be free, be free." It was as if everything in the woods was under a spell and trying to tell us something. The grass would crunch every time we stepped off the trail. The trail was our safe place, we did not want to hurt anything off the trail. If we stepped on a twig, it would cry out in pain. It seemed that the trail was leading us somewhere, the trees and wind were helping us to where we were destined to go. Before we knew it, the trail stopped at the edge of a bridge. We did not understand what it meant, but then we heard the wind yell, "Jump! Jump before it is too late!" 


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