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Here's a piece dedicated to the Hogwarts house with the best common room! Here's to you, Slytherin!

Why Slytherin Has The Best Common Room, Something I Wanted To Write:

July 10, 2019


Description: Hey all, I'm taking a teeny break from my revisions to get out an idea I had in my mind. Recently, I've been checking out the Hogwarts house common rooms and many of them have their own little special benefits and perks. Most argue about which one is the best, but in my own personal opinion, Slytherin has the best house. That's right folks, Slytherin, the house that gets such a bad reputation and press, has the best common room by far! Why you ask? Read and find out! For all you Slytherins out there, this one's for you! Enjoy!

Rated: K+ (just to keep it safe)

Slytherin House, out of the Great Four Hogwarts houses, has the best common room because...

1. The location is perfect: Gryffindor is a cozy red and gold spot with a first rate fire, Hufflepuff house a cozy basement with plenty of sunshine, enchanted plants, and right near the kitchen (free food!), and Ravenclaw (my house), has a breathtaking view, a riddle password, and a ceiling like the night sky (so many stars). But, Slytherin house blows them all out of the water and I say so both figuratively and literally. Slytherin house's common room is situated right in the dungeons, where the Great Lake is. This means they have their own personal aquarium right outside their window. They can see not just fish, but merpeople, grindylows, and the giant squid that swims around the depths. The other three houses might have a great view of the Great Lake, but none of them get to see what's under it. Plus, living down in the dungeons means peace, solitude, and quiet when all the noise is going on over head. This means the Slytherins have the perfect place to relax without being bothered. And living under a lake means a cool common room on hot days, when the other three houses are sweating upstairs.

2. The furniture and decor is awesome: Sure, it's a little creepy, but the leather sofas are perfectly comfortable and the black curtains keep the room nice and dark in the morning, so the Slytherins aren't woken up easily. Glowing, rounded lamps and a mystical, green fire glow within the common room as opposed to the overly hot Gryffindor Common Room, the sunshine filled Hufflepuff Basement, or the flashy Ravenclaw tower filled with whistling wind and stars. Slytherin is not as flashy as the other houses, they love subtle and quiet. Plus, they have their own wizard's chess table, showing Slytherin's positive quality, strategy.  Slytherin might have a gothic look, yet their decor is sweet (especially the medieval tapestries!)

3. Lots of privacy and work done: Not many outsiders come into the Slytherin dungeon, which means they can spend their days unbothered and calm in their stonewalled common room. Slytherins are the most successful of all Hogwarts houses because due to their solitude, they can get much of their work done without being disturbed. Much great work is done in solitude, causing Slytherin to have earned the House Cup seven years in a row and produce many famous wizards. Behind a stone wall, sound or the outside world doesn't matter, only the cool, calm sanctum of tranquility. No distractions, no intruders, no worries,  the perfect place to work. Pesky or bothersome students steer clear of the dungeons, so Slytherins can work in peace.

4. Better sleep: Gryffindor has a warm place to sleep with four poster beds, Hufflepuff a cozy spot with patchwork blankets of the most charming kind, Ravenclaw a star lit, wind filled tower that croons its inhabitants to sleep, but Slytherin has a silent, black curtained, dark dungeon to sleep in, nice and cool. They can sleep undisturbed in the early morning, with no peeping sunlight beams getting in their eyes. Not too much light either, with the lamps and fire. Darkness is a key factor for sleep and in a place so dark, the Slytherins could sleep until noon if they wanted to. Sure, light comes into the windows of the lake, but with the black curtains shutting them out, the Slytherins can stay in the shadows. All the other houses are upstairs and awoken in the morning by the bright sunshine coming through their windows, but Slytherin has no issue with that. Plus, on hot Summer nights, none of them are sweating or taking their blankets off. As I mentioned, no noise travels into the common room from outside, so any distirbences like wild parties never wakes them up.
Here's a piece dedicated to the Hogwarts house with the best common room! Here's to you, Slytherin house!


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