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This is Chapter 1 of Incognito, it is a very long story I had made a draft of this whole story called "Incognito: Revised Draft PLEASE REVIEW," and as it says please review!! Anyways, I have got one review and one of the main factors I was missing is details, I wanted to add more details, but I felt it was too long and would bore readers, although it turns out this just wanted readers confused. I decided to create chapters then, and accumulate it to make a book. Comment down below, if you want to read more!! If you are confused or think it is too much of an abrupt ending please feel free to comment and give feedback, I would really appreciate it. Thank you for reading, good luck on your writing!!

Incognito: Chapter 1

July 16, 2019


“Wait, what are you doing. This isn’t like you!” a voice trembled.

“Then give me the girl.” a cold, sharp voice calmly replied.

“You know I can’t!”

“Fine then.” the cold ice voice snarled, listening to it was like piercing needles into your heart.

A blast of dark, purple light blinded her view of the beautiful, but terrified woman.

Once again, she saw the woman who struggled to get up reaching for a girl, she quickly muttered an incantation and the girl disappeared.

“What have you done!” a voice exclaimed, similar to the trembling woman’s, but with a hint  of cruelty in it.

“Where did she go?!” the icy voice shrieked.

The trembling woman's face went pale and suddenly a jet of silver and white light shot out of her chest, but she was overpowered and disintegrated into silver shards. It seemed as if the shards were aimed at the two shadowed figures, but a whirlwind of that same dark purple light formed around the figures and they disappeared, leaving the room in the state as if a earthquake had occurred there.

Every night this dream haunts her, the chilly voice of the man made her shudder, a cold sweat ran down her spine. They were always talking about her, she tried to convince herself these dreams were only occurring because the profuse amount of Kaleb's crazy books she read, although she doubted it.

Morgan was an ordinary orphan, in an ordinary orphanage, with ordinary grades, ordinary food and that's just about it. Almost every day someone would accidentally bump right into her claiming they could not see her, she did not mind, she just tucked her boring, brown hair behind her ears and quickly picked up her stuff and left. She hated drawing attention to herself. 

One ordinary day at the school at her orphanage, Greybird Middle, which was named after a large, grey bird, which often circled the orphanage.  She got her usual nudges from the rest of the students in the cafeteria she and plopped down at her usual table and picked at her mashed potatoes while her other and only friends sat at the table. 

Next to Morgan was Natasha. Natasha shared their dorm with Morgan and was one of the shortest but toughest girls in the orphanage. She always stood up for Morgan on her tiptoes flipping her wavy, black hair at the bully’s face.  If Natasha was not so scary, she could definitely fool someone into thinking she was a fragile, helpless girl, with her huge, purple, starry eyes, thin body and huge mane of black, wavy hair. 

Across of her, there was Kaleb, he talked a little too much. Sometimes, Morgan would assume he was still talking and keep saying a good amount of “yeah”and “uh-huh”'s. Kaleb had chocolate colored skin, large black spectacles and eccentric green eyes where one was dimmer than the other, but that was hardly noticed because of his spectacles, which he used for hiding his eyes. 
Last there is Leo. His spiky, messy blonde hair and bright blue eyes stood out. Everyone knew Leo, everyone wanted to be his friend and wanted to be just like him, but he wanted to just be friends with Morgan, Natasha and Kaleb.

As usual, Kaleb went on and on about this new book he was reading and how it was written so carefully, something like that. 

After Morgan and her friends returned back to the orphanage, Morgan returned to her side of the dorm she shared with Natasha. She changed out of her school clothes, and started brushing her hair; she stared at her reflection. Suddenly, she got a feeling, an urgent feeling so strong it was tangible. Her face felt hot, she dropped her hairbrush and her eyes gleamed. She involuntarily muttered incantations, she couldn’t stop or ignore it. She had the urge to stare at the mirror and she uncontrollably leaned forward in the mirror. At that moment, Natasha casually walked out of the bathroom and when she saw Morgan she gasped.

“What are yo-” 

But it was too late. A hot feeling spread throughout Morgan's body that she couldn't resist, she felt as if she vanished. 

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  • ajamwal

    Thank you @Gray-1604, I have 2 other chapters, just published the 3rd one today!!

    12 months ago
  • Gray_1604

    I love this story! Definitely gonna keep reading!

    12 months ago
  • ajamwal

    This is a revised version, thank you @V-Rose and @Inspiry for the reviews!!

    12 months ago