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I'm happy guys :)


July 9, 2019


Honey soaked serenity is hard to find,
A resilient warmth releases from the mind.
Grateful fingertips graze these serene safe walls,
Healing skin flushes at the overwhelming sense of calm.

Sorrow filled blood has no ties to her now,
Mournful souls have nothing on these nurturous clouds.
Restless euphoria breaks through the ground,
The endless years of ruin begin to quickly drown.

A sporadic dance springs from her feet,
She is no longer haunted by the suffocating heat.
Energy is released and runs through the veins,
Healing silence blankets the town, as she breaks free from her chains.


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1 Comment
  • The Bubbling Pen

    such a beautiful piece that is lyrical in its own right xx

    about 1 year ago