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Why Am I Worth Less?

April 7, 2016

PROMPT: Flashlight

For days upon end, the only thing that filled my mind was whether I was ever going to eat.
The pain that crushed my chest every time I think about my house that was gone didn't seem to matter.
No more toys, no more books, no more happiness.
Everything seemed to fade...
The sounds of my mother crying no longer filled my ears
Now only Allah could hear my sister's laugh
The thunderous sounds of bombs that previously made me cry, no longer shook me with fear. 
Smoke and debris is all I can see
I feel so unwanted, almost as if I could blow away with the smoke, and no one would care. 
Why don't they help us?
Why don't they care?
They leave us here and treat us like trash
They call us names
They care for the kids with light skin from other countries by not us...
They treat us like we are nothing.
They treat us as if we are not human.
They treat us like we are worth less. 
I am a child...
I have done nothing,
Yet they treat me as if it have.
They treat me like I am worth less. 



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