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I know I'm late for pride month, so late that it's July, but I hope this is piece anybody can enjoy even still. *Note: any resemblances to anybody in the outside world is purely coincidental, I came up with idea off the top of my mind*

The Ace of Spades

July 8, 2019

PROMPT: On Courage

Black heels against the pavement.
That same line except this time as black sneakers.

Grey, tight, knee length shorts keep the wind at them with pride.
Grey, long, loose fitted pants that go down to the ankles worn with nerves.

White, tight, belly length tube top bright as a summer day.
White, loose, long sleeved button up muted by its age.

Deep purple, matte, liquid lipstick accompanied with a raging smile and a bright, purple, shoulder length wig.
Deep purple, velvet sweater vest worn with a nervous smile and lavender stud earrings.

This person walks in a pride parade as an upside-down asexual pride flag.
That very same person walks into a board room on their first day of work in June at their new job. 

Being in and out of the closet is tricky yet, manageable.
Be safe everybody.
I'm proud of you.


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