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I came to this site to find competitions, but also found a great community of other writers willing to help improve themselves and others. Thanks for being an oasis in a desert of writer's block, fellow WTW users!

Double-Cross (edited) #protagonistorantagonist

July 8, 2019


Noa Partley sees his reflection in more than just mirrors. 

   He sees himself on the news, simultaneously as the President of the United States and as the FBI's most wanted criminal in the world. On both signs showcasing future events featuring him, and on bounty signs with absurdly high rewards; dead or alive. Others see him with both a friendly smile and a deranged snarl. In both a formal suit-and-tie combination and an orange jumpsuit. With both natural, neatly-combed hair and a ripped, greasy mop.

    He's not leading a double life: there is a double in his life. 
    One of the world's most successful examples of human cloning, if you will.

    Today, his sees his reflection right behind him as he's about to give a speech to his nervous country. 
     No, not now, not herehe thinks. He can't possibly have gotten past--

"Hello, brother." Aon Partley's strained voice appears beside him. "I would like to talk to you, if that's alright."
      President Partley scoffed. "Well, Dolly, I'm about to give the entirety of America a more important talk, so you'll just have to wait."
      Feeling his clone's weapon-of-choice, a confident kitchen knife, on Noa's throat was practically routine. "Oh please, this is far more important than any of the propaganda that comes out of that sugar-coating mouth of yours... have a seat."
     Sitting a few feet across from his estranged serial killer brother in the White House's Oval room, as a crowd grew impatient for his speech outside, felt like a dream, Noa decided. It occurred to him that Aon must have done something with the guards. Sure enough, he saw a trail of blood that started at the clone's feet and went to the other rooms, where bodies lay. Strangely enough, his "brother" had chosen to copy his choice of suit and wear actual shoes. Huh, he even brushed that disastrous hair and washed up. He looks just like me now.
     Aon sat and waited patiently until his original dared to look him in the eyes before speaking. "Did you know that I'm not a serial killer, brother? Everyone on the news says so, but if you look into my history, you can see a pattern. Any thoughts on who I target?"
    Noa had already spend sleepless nights thinking about it. "You've been assassinating my political opponents."
    "Precisely... and do you know why I'm here today?"
    "Is there... a political opponent in that crowd outside?" Wouldn't be surprising if there was, he mentally added.
     "I'm sure there is, but I'm looking for one right in this room." 
     The POTUS glanced from the fallen guards, to his clone, then finally to the knife, that seemed very close to Aon's chest.
    Noa's voice softened. "Aon, don't do that to yourself, you've done so much for me... I would even consider you one of the good guys on my campaign, don't..."
    He was cut off by maniacal laughter: Dolly had thrown his head back, nearly dropping the blade. "Seriously, you thought I was to end my life... for you? Quite the opposite, actually!" Before Noa could process this, Aon had leapt to his feet and dropped his voice into a dangerous whisper.
    "I know what you've been doing, you sicko. I thought that your rivals were the corrupt ones, but all along, it was you trying to destroy this country... and the people know it too. We've seen the camps, the cover-ups, the conspiracies... even I'm disgusted by it, you've killed millions." Aon, in the most out-of-character move that his brother had seen, choked out a sob."But enough of this monologue, I'm done with this game--"

    President Parley stood up, but it was too late: he only saw a glint of metal and then his white suit flooded with red as his legs gave out. It was his turn to choke. 

   "Sorry not sorry, brother." Dolly made his way towards the door. "Guess I'm the one who has to give that speech, since I'm the true American hero..." 


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