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Done Talking

April 6, 2016

PROMPT: All Talk

"We're done talking now."
"Please, don't be sad."
"Just stop."
"I care about you, seriously."
"Is that funny?"
"Wow, that's fierce..."
"Who cares about me anyway?"
"You know I do."
"You don't have to."
"If I only cared about what I had to care about, life would suck."
"Go care about something else."
"It's people like us who need care the most."
"No...Just...Don't waste your time on pathetic things like me."
"I don't want you to be alone like I was."
"I love you so much."
"I know I'm leaving soon, but..."
"I'm really going to miss you."
"I promise, I'll always walk by you."
"I think...I think we're done talking now..."


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