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Hi guys!
I'm Kate Livewire, here and on SoundCloud (and everywhere else XD)
I'm a bookworm, singer-songwriter, and a writer of few and far between stories (because of writer's block).
Hope you enjoy my works, and I hope to improve over time! :)


July 16, 2019

Here is a link to the final recording of this if you want to listen!
I wonder how our feelings grow
Ain't it strange
The places our thoughts can go
Outer space
Wondering what path 
I should take
It's strange to think about

Right now I hate reality
And this life
I'm trying hard not to repeat
Things twice
But mistakes keep piling up and I
Can't find the strength to leave
Headfirst into the pit
Don't you hesitate my love

You see I have learned my lessons through fear
The prices I've paid were far too near
To the heart that I sacrificed
Never got off easy with life

The scars I bear are my memories
I thought I'd run but I tend to freeze
When I'm faced with the bitter truth
Now I know how easily I bruise

And I'm trapped in this nightmare with no one to save me
(Can't go now)
If I try to escape I wonder if you'll hunt me
(Down this time)
My thoughts are all scattered but I have to calm down
(Stop and think)
I'm trapped in my own home there's nothing else to do
(But run away)
Run away...
This song is part of an album I'm writing that centers on a woman whose boyfriend has started to become abusive. We follow her journey from the start of their relationship (when he was still a good person) until the end of their relationship (when she finally runs away and ends it). 
This song happens around the time when she realizes she can't let herself freeze up anymore and she has to get out of here. 
So, does the song convey the story well? Please let me know! :)

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  • Vin

    You're so welcome!!! I send you a message on tumblr, and I'd love to be friends. Also, hug accepted

    12 months ago
  • Kate Livewire

    @Vin Thank you so, so much for saying that. I think this is the kindest thing anyone has ever said to me about one of my songs. Idk why but I suddenly have an urge to hug you XD

    12 months ago
  • Vin

    You're incredibly talented--I can hear the control in your voice and the delicacy with which you play the guitar. I wish you best of luck with the competition, and with your songwriting in general. I think you'll be beautiful at whatever you do.

    12 months ago