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I came to this site to find competitions, but also found a great community of other writers willing to help improve themselves and others. Thanks for being an oasis in a desert of writer's block, fellow WTW users!


July 6, 2019

PROMPT: Doorways

My creative process begins with plugging in my earbuds and opening Spotify.
    I imagine most of my ideas (for writing, drawing, etc.) being accompanied by music. Whether it's a movie soundtrack, relaxing lo-fi, instrumentals, or just my own personal mix, I use songs to envision parts of my ideas in motion. (Ironically, I find that most of my ideas are better suited as movies or animations than things I can already make. This is why I rarely have motivation to put my concept on paper/a Google Doc.)
    More often than actually working on a project, I can spend an entire day just pacing my room, eyes closed, playing a song until I get tired of it and my mind moves on to the next part of the story.
      It happens with other things too. Rereading a chapter in a book over and over in hopes of absorbing the author's clever wording. Pausing a film to catch cool-looking cinematography or appreciate how far CGI has gone over the years (or complain about how badly-done it is, yet keep watching anyway). Obsessing over an obscure artist's clean lineart or shading. 
     This ritual happens whenever I have a new idea and access to music; meaning, all the time. I'm trying to break this habit and be more productive: be a creator instead of endlessly admiring other creations. This website, along with Nanowrimo, are helping in getting me to put my ideas out there, instead of comparing them to other people's work.


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  • Upsidownpenguin

    Thanks for sharing! Your process seems very helpful

    about 1 year ago