The name's Pranavi, meaning "the 1st sound in the universe".
Addicted to reading books, writing literary pieces & K-POP {EXO, NCT, WayV, SuperM, BLACKPINK, Red Velvet, SNSD & Super Junior}

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Here you go, peers. I am sorry for the late publishing of the answers due to conflicting academic schedules. Thanks to all who posted their questions. I hope my answers reach you.

Q&A(s) To Know Me More - ANSWERS!

July 6, 2019


Here are the Answers to your Questions... 


Q) What's your favorite color and why? 
A) Black! I simply love the colour. The reason is that it has a mystrious chill to it and is both intimidating and easy at the same time. 

Q) What's one place where you'd want to live in the future?
A) The Land of the Rising Sun, Japan. It is the country that has a fascinating mix of the old and the new, with each showing its side whilst not dominating the other. The people, their etiquettes, mannerisms and a lot more have me hooked to the country, since I was 10.  

Q) What is a dream for the world that you share?
A) I hope and dream for a world where the heads of all the 188 odd Nations have better diplomatic relations so that the citizens are not in fear or threat of war.    

Q) Do you have a hidden talent, if so, what is it? 
A) I am not very sure if it is a hidden taelent or not, but I can speak 4 languages; English, Hindi (National Language), Telugu (Mother Tongue) and Japanese.  

Q) What are your thoughts on robots? 
A) Well, it depends. An AI humanoid like Sophia and Erika are fascinating as they are literally learning to undertand the people around like us, humans. On the other hand, highly mechanical robots do not amuse me much. Also, in my opinion, robots taking over mankind is not something that can happen in the near future. 


Q) Favorite movie? Indie or blockbuster?
A) I have a lot but the one that I enjoyed the latest is the Minority Report, starring Tom Cruise. And, I choose Blockbuster over Indie. 


Q) Samosa or pani puri? 
A) Samosa, I like the crispy bites and the savory stuffing of mshed potatoes inside.

Q) Favorite actor 
A) Tony Stark because I don't see anyone else playing Iron Man so cool. 

Q)Do you like school and your most memorable day. 
A) Yes, I like school  because of the beautiful moments in life that it delivers. The most memorable day would be the last day of our Class 9 final examinations as we had stayed back to prepare for the Class 10 farewell practice. During the break of 1 hour after which we would begin the rehearsals, we were all recording vlogs on the smartphones, when one of my classmates got caught by the management. All of us rushed the staircase to reach the class and put the phones back to safety. It was a thrill that was never experienced before. BTW, the friend got the phone back after our homeroom teacher took our side. 

Q) If you get a chance to change 3 things in the world what would they be ? 
A) Firstly, the fixed concept of beauty that everyone has, because if evryone fits the current norms, the world will simply create a new ugly. Next, parental pressure regarding career streams. 
Lastly, self-perceptions, because loving the self means having better relationship with the self. 

@Tushar Mandhan

Q) Which city are you from? 
A) I live in Mumbai, the financial capital of India. However, my hometown is Hyderabad, the genome valley.  

Q) You said in the message from writer the word caffeine- So, coffee or tea?
A) Coffee is my word for caffeine. 

Q) Last one, if you were to recommend me one book which one it would be?
A) My recommendation would be "All the Light We Cannot See". Authored by Anothony Doerr, it speaks of the tale of two young people, Marie and Werner, who find themesleves knee-deep in a War that does not concern them. 



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  • Samina

    Thank you for picking up my questions! Would love to know more about you.

    5 months ago