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Hey there!
My name is Johanna and I'm very much in love with the English language.
I'm a 16 years old from Germany and writing is one of my greatest passions alongside music.

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Feel free to contact me. All the love. Check out my poem book "waves" on wattpad :


July 14, 2019

Let them watch their movies of romance and say oh-oh
I take a glance and I want to see more-more
Till I think my private live is nothing but a bore-bore
Let them watch the scenes of ah’s-ah’s
And then find it’ll leave no scars-scars
But it’s all just dis-traction
It’s all just distraction (distraction, distraction)
In real life it hurts much harder-harder
So, stop your 21st century visual
Find that real feelings go further-further
When you’re not online
(it’s all just distraction)
Let them scroll up and down and say huh-huh
You zoom in cuz you want to see more-more
Till you think you’re messed up from the core-core
Let them see the posts of wow-wow
And then find it’ll make you insecure somehow
Don’t get fooled
Even if that’s what you’re schooled
Not everything you see is gold
Make your eyes behold


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