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"How about me? Have I become more handsomer perhaps?
― John Flanagan, The Red Fox Clan

"'Brom is the only person who managed to entangle himself in as many predicaments as you. Like him, you seem compelled to find the deepest patch of quicksand and then dive into it.”
Eragon hid a smile, pleased by the comparison.”
― Christopher Paolini, Brisingr
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The Mask Of Smart and Books

July 5, 2019


It might sound innocent but it hides as much as any other.
It hides you behind dragons
It might look like a fairy tale
But fairies have long been known for trouble
It might feel like you're in a gown of starlight and heels made of the moon
But the stars are long dead and the moon has lost its inner shine
The books are filled with pages and make a heart leap with joy
But the pages fall apart with every touch and the ink has faded to nothing
It cannot be torn off or even taken off slowly
But with time, the mask falls away as long as you don't build on
The mask is hard and soft, hot and cold
To wear or tear, one must be bold


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  • July 5, 2019 - 2:25pm (Now Viewing)

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  • V-Rose

    I didn't think of that. If you have any ideas for a story, let me know.

    5 months ago
  • -writinginhopesofsomeday-

    Wow! I love the contrast between each line, and the end seems like it could be part of a fantasy book's prophecy:D

    5 months ago