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Hi I'm thirteen, I'm homeschooled, I've been writing since I was seven, I love poultry, my username comes from one of my favorite Led Zeppelin songs, I like to write poems, fantasy, mystery, and adventure.

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Frozen Heartbreak

July 10, 2019


Knives of ice cutting like the cold wind
My heart is freezer burnt as I try and try
It's so cold my tears freeze as I start to cry
The winds crying voice chills the bone 
As I stand here frozen in stone

The snow is deep and stained in blood
Under the snow is nothing but frozen mud 
The wind laughs in my ear 
Telling me it was foolish to come here

Freezer burn't 
Heart splintered in ice 
Stones and glass
Yes I'm a frozen heart 
shattered in ice.



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