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Never forget.

By: Martha Kean

PROMPT: Time Traveler

Never forget. That's what he told me,
never forget who you are.
Else history will repeat itself like a blooming tree
never shaken by rough tempests no matter how near or far

From our hearts those were that died,
they shall not be forgotten.
Never forget. that's what that man cried
as I watched him on his deathbed his clothes all damp and rotten.

Never forget. It's what the music that filled my ears was saying
the fake smiles that wore the musicians
whose songs fell on deaf ears. Their playing
was not there to lift our spirits, no these people were on a mission

To expose the motives of the ghouls
who gained pleasure from our misery
Those foul-mouthed, empty-hearted fools
As impressionable as children but as dangerous as thugs, their motives remain, to me, a mystery.

Never forget my dear, is what he told me, but don't be afraid to revel.
This war paired chalk and cheese
It brought out the devil in the daisy and the daisy in the devil
Left grown men on their knees to plead

To the children who held weapons of destruction
With bullets made of misconceptions
Enticed by the hope of a better life, what seduction.
Never forget my friend, that we are friends or this war was simply a reduction...



Message to Readers

Wrote this in about 10 minutes, where should I go from here?

Peer Review

"This paired chalk and cheese..." They are such unique words and items put together to form such a beautiful meaning and sentence!

It gave a sense of past, but also of present and future times, in the mention of war and the ghouls that surround us.

Reviewer Comments

A lovely poem, yet filled with the emotion of the past and present times of hardship. Your words went gracefully, and your inspirational messages are stacked high with expression.
And amazing job writing such a beautiful piece in 10 minutes!