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As mentioned earlier, I have decided to make a novel out of a random piece I wrote once. I published this earlier as well, but it didn't get any response. It would be amazing if I get any review or comment on this. It encourages me to write more. So please, like or comment or review, they're the best rewards a writer can get and I'd appreciate any help or advice I receive. I hope you enjoy this! Thank you :)

Chp 1: Numbing Pain

December 7, 2019


It was a matter of seconds...
I was dwelling on the voicemail I got from my sister that reflected the fear in her tone as I drove over the remote highway with no soul in sight.
"Will! This is Aurora here. I'm sorry I'm troubling you again but I'm not getting a good feeling about this meeting. Are you sure this was really important? Why would your clients hold a conference late in the evening. Nonetheless, I hope it went well and just-just, come home quickly. I love you" 
What is it that could have her so worried. She was acting weird today. It doesn't matter. I'm about to reach home anyway. I let my thoughts vanish and concentrated on getting home quickly. The road I was on, wasn't around a safe area and it was very late indeed.
I looked around the path and spotted a building with lights just a few miles ahead. Just as I started to accelerate, 
I heard the roaring of a bike engine behind me and looked at the rear-view mirror to see two bikers who overtook me from either side. They began to swerve sharply on the narrow road I had reached. They continued moving around each other, crossing my path, until I closed in on them and realized with a start... They were blocking my path. I tried to honk and swerve past them but they kept me right where I was. I slowed my speed but that was a huge mistake for me, for when I was about to stop, another biker whom I had failed to noticed, with an iron rod, zoomed towards me and before I could make a sound, smashed my window and zoomed past my car. I instinctively brought my hand up to shield myself from the impact of shattered glass.
I sharply turned the steering wheel and accelerated, only to ram into the trees near a huge chasm.
Something big slammed hard into my head. Blinding pain burst through my skull, making me go numb. I thought I'd go unconscious, but then I kept waking and waking. I preferred to be unconscious though, because when I was awake, I could see every detail and feel every pain. I could taste the metallic tangy flow of the coppery blood, pooling in my mouth. I could feel it scraping my teeth and drenching my tongue. I could smell the burning, acrid, stench of sulfur overwhelming my nose, making my eyes water and making me cough uncontrollably. I immediately felt woozy and as if stones were pelted on my head. I felt the throbbing pound of cracks in my bones. Each crack felt like the submerging of rocks into my skin. I sucked in cramped air, feeling my lungs cave on themselves. I saw yellow spots in the corner of my vision and black surrounding it. I heard a buzzing noise filling my head and bursting my eardrums. 
I was there for hours, fading and waking and fading and waking. My agony was the only thing keeping me conscious but then again, it wasn't helping in staying awake. My throat was parched. My head felt like lead and a numbing shock shot through me like lightening. That was the only feeling left in me, I couldn't remember anything as though suddenly all memory was wiped off of me. I was cramped on the seat with ragged and labored breaths for hours.
I don't know if I was being shifted, moving out of the wreck but each movement hurt like hell. I closed my eyes, craving unconsciousness but my life was playing a game with me. I saw the blurry image of a girl... My sister? Yes. It was her. She stood there with tears pooling down her cheeks and anguish filling her beautiful gray eyes... but that look of despair, helplessness and apology numbed me. Finally black overtook me, while the most despairing pain I felt was not of the accident... but of the betrayal that numbed me...
I've decided I'll continue this as a story, so to those who are interested in reading this... Let this be the first chapter of my first novel on WTW... I haven't decided the name yet, but, I'm hoping I can once I'm done with a few more chapters. I hope you enjoy this:)

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